Costa Rica | Ivan Gutierrez - Gesha

Costa Rica | Ivan Gutierrez - Gesha

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We taste: Mango nectar, citrus balm, lush florlas

Region: Copey de Dota, Quebrada Grande
Varietal: Geisha
Altitude: 1960 MASL
Harvest: May 2022 
Process: Honey

We are beyond excited to share Ivan's coffee with you all this season. This year, we selected his honey-processed gesha, which he used to get 1st place in last year's cup of excellence. This is a very special coffee and we only have a very limited amount to share.

His coffee yet again blows us away, we find a lot of flavor intensity ranging from tropical fruit, mango nectar, citrus balm and bergamont.

About Ivan:

While Ivan's farm La Esmerelda only started producing cherries this season, he is no stranger to coffee, coming from a long producing background and many years running the Montanas del Diamante Mill with his siblings. In 2016 Ivan decided to sell his portion of the business in order to enjoy his elder years and to focus on producing some of the highest quality coffee possible at a small scale. He purchased some land in an up-and-coming area now known for producing some of the best coffees in Costa Rica. They began immediately planting exotic varieties like Geisha and SL-28 and started building a small wet mill and drying area which was completed in time for this harvest. Ivan's dream and vision were met this year after winning 1st place in Costa Rica's Cup of Excellence competition!  We are so excited to see what the future holds for Ivan and feel really lucky to work with his coffee.

Next roast & ship date: December 5th


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