Decaf Colombia | Monkaaba

Decaf Colombia | Monkaaba

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We taste: Cocoa, honey, citrus

Variety: Field Blend
Process: Washed, E.A.
Region: San Agustin, Huila
Harvest: June 2023
Elevation: 1680-1800 MASL

Next roast & ship date: November 27th

We are really happy to add this decaffeinated coffee from our partners at Monkaaba in San Agustin Colombia. This is a blend of coffees from Pastor Ordoñez, Augusto Ortega, Jenaro Burbano, Jose Burbano, and Fabio Guzman.

It is really exciting for us as it allows us to purchase more volumes from our partners as well as a wider range of quality. 

This is a sweetness-forward decaf with flavors of chocolate, citrus, and honey.



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