Ecuador | Las Afiladeras

Ecuador | Las Afiladeras

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We taste: Raspberry, Red Wine, Pink Starburst  

Region: Cariamanga, Loja 
Varietal: Typica, Mejorado, Caturra, Bourbon
Altitude: 1700-1900 MASL
Harvest: July - September 2020 
Process: Washed

We are really excited to bring in a coffee from Ecuador this year! Ecuador is a really special place, home to some incredible coffees and unique varieties. This coffee has soft, pleasing flavors like raspberry and citrus. We also find it has a juicy body and is somewhat tart but not overly so. We taste notes of red wine and also get reminded of pink Starburst. 

This lot was grown by Alberto Jumbo on his farm Afiladeras located in Cariamanga, Loja. Alberto has been growing coffee for nearly 20 years on his farm which sits at a range of 1700-1900 MASL. Afiladeras is a total of 5 hectares, 3 of which are currently in production while the other 2 are expected to produce in the coming years. Alberto grows Typica, Mejorado, Caturra and Bourbon and this lot is a blend of them all. Alberto's oldest son, Luis Diego, is actually the one in charge of the farm's day-to-day operations. Luis is very motivated and is very interested in post-harvest processing techniques; he is constantly experimenting with ways to increase the quality of their coffee.

Price Breakdown:
Farm Gate Price: $3.40/LB
FOB Price: $3.80/LB
Our Price: $4.80/LB

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