Ethiopia | Duromina

Ethiopia | Duromina

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We Taste: Meyer lemon, Peach, Clover Honey

Region: Agaro, Jimma
Varietal: Local Landrace
Altitude: 1900-2100 masl
Harvest: December 2022
Process: Washed

Next roast & ship day: June 12th

Duromina marks our first arrival of fresh-crop Ethiopians and we couldn't be happier. 

This is our first year buying coffee from Duromina, but it's a site that we all have known about for many years. Duromina helped put Agaro on the map about 10 years ago and is a key washing station within the Kata Maduga Co-op. Historically we have only ever bought one coffee, Nano Genji from Agaro and the Kata Maduga co-op but this season we branched out and bought a few lots from different washing stations. 

The cup is very ripe, with a lovely bright acidity. We are finding flavors of Meyer lemon, ripe peach, and clover honey.

Price Breakdown:
Farm Gate Price: 60 Birr/kg of cherry
FOB Price: $4.45 /LB
Our Price: $5.85 /LB