Guatemala | Carmen Donis

Guatemala | Carmen Donis

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We Taste: Milk Chocolate, Pecan, Smores

Region: Mataquescuintla
Varietal: Pache San Ramon
Altitude: 1900 MASL
Harvest: April 2020
Process: Washed

We are happy to welcome Carmen's coffee back to our menu this year! 

It's been a weird and hard year for us all, but seeing her coffee back at our roastery after a long delay in shipping due to COVID, really made us happy and grateful to be apart of this very special industry. 

Carmen's coffee is fairly similar to last year. It's lost some of the nut flavors and has smoothed out more, reminiscent of milk chocolate. We describe it as an all-around crowd-pleaser for those new to specialty coffee. 

This is Carmen's second year having access to sell coffee in the specialty market. Previously, Carmen and her family would sell their coffee in cherry to a local wet mill for at best 150 quetzals / one-hundred pounds of cherry. Currently, that equates to roughly $19 USD per 100lb. While their cost of production for that is between 150-160 quetzals. They were essentially giving their coffee away, as they needed the money immediately to survive. Holding their coffee until the end of the harvest to get a better price is a challenge which is why most are sold in cherry

Carmen and her whole family have quite a lot of land and have the ability to produce up to 300 bags of exportable green coffee. Now, they only sell about 50 bags internationally and sell the remainder in cherry to finance their crop.

With all this said, Carmen and her family have been thrilled with the increase in price they received both last harvest and this harvest and they have a renewed focus on quality. More attention has been made to picking the ripest cherries rather than stripping the whole tree. They are also considering building their own beneifico to dry their coffee more effectively.

Cherries are collected and carried daily to a local wet mill called La Concepcion. The cherries are de-pulped in an ecopulpler the same day, before being left to dry- ferment in tank or in plastic for 24-36 hours. The coffee is then dried
for approximately 14 days on patios, before being stored in the mill’s warehouses
until export.

Price Breakdown:
1500 Quetzal (~ $192.00) / Quintal (100lbs) of Parchment
National Farm Gate Price: 800-1035 Quetzal / Quintal of Parchment
Cost of Production: 1050 Quetzal / Quintal of Parchment
FOB Price: 3.00 USD/LB
Our Price: 4.15 USD/LB