Honduras | Antonio Ramirez

Honduras | Antonio Ramirez

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We are incredibly happy and grateful to have Antonios coffee back on our menu this year! His coffee is incredibly unique with a distinct acidity that reminds us of tropical fruits and blackberry while also having a pleasing creaminess. It's a great example of a unique and quality coffee coming from Honduras. We were only able to purchase a very small amount of his coffee and we are kicking ourselves for not getting more. Enjoy it while you can!

Antonio was born in Selguapa in 1950 and 30 years ago became one of the first to commercially grow coffee in the area. He took over some abandoned land in the area which had coffee plants, Pacas, Typica, and Bourbon. After finding the Pacas struggling with the cold nights, he removed this variety and focused solely on the Typica and Bourbon. This lot is 100% Typica and is truly unique.

For 27 years Antonio sold his coffee in cherry for incredibly low prices because he didn't know what the true value of his coffee was. Even though, Antonio persisted and expanded production as well as helped his 4 sons begin to grow Typica that was either planted by Antonio or are from the seeds of his plants. 

Antonio really focused on processing this year, the coffee is harvested at peak ripeness, then fermented overnight in cherry before being floated to remove damaged and underripe seeds. The coffee is then depulped in a Penagos eco-pulper and is dry fermented in a tile tank for 30-38 hours. The coffee is then washed with clean water and dried on raised beds for 25 days to a moisture content of 10.5%

Antonio was paid 6000 Lempira / Quintal of exportable green coffee

FOB was $3.25/LB

Region: Selguapa, Comayagua 

Varietal: Typica
Altitude: 1800 masl
Harvest: February-April 2020
Process: Washed

We Taste: Blackberry, Pomegranate, Creamy