Colombia | Carolina Samboní

Colombia | Carolina Samboní

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We taste: Sour Cherry, Rasin, Raspberry Ganache 

Region: Sevilla, San Agustin, Huila
Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1750-1780 MASL
Harvest: November-February 2022 Main Harvest 
Process: Washed

Next roast day: October 3rd

We are delighted to share another coffee from the Monkaaba group. This coffee is really special, as it is the first time Carolina's coffee was separated out as a micro-lot. We were able to purchase her whole 7-bag harvest (roughly 1,000LB) of Caturra and it's an honor to be showcasing her coffee. Her Caturra is very sweet, with flavors of tart/sour cherry, raisin, and chocolate raspberry cake.  

At the young age of 23, Carolina is following in her parent's footsteps as a coffee producer
from whom she inherited her 1.5-hectare lot only two years ago. It is really encouraging to hear this as we often hear stories of young producers abandoning coffee farming. 

Processing Details:

Cherries are collected every three weeks at peak ripeness and then are left to
ferment in canvas bags overnight. In the morning the cherries are placed in wooden
hoppers for another 20 hours before being de-pulped, where the seeds undergo a
dry ferment of an additional 16 hours. The seeds are then rinsed and placed in plastic
bags to drain for 24 hours, before being turned out on raised drying beds to be
dried for 18 days.

Price Breakdown:

Farm Gate Price: 2,725,000 Colombian Pesos / Carga
FOB Price: 3.98 USD/LB
Our Price: 5.60 USD/LB