Colombia | Miguel Ordoñez

Colombia | Miguel Ordoñez

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 We taste: Burnt Sugar, Pomelo, White Tea

Region: Las Chinas, San Agustin, Huila
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1750-1800 MASL
Harvest: August 2020 Mitaca harvest 
Process: Washed

We are really happy to share another beautiful coffee with you all from Pastor's brother Miguel. Like Pastor, Miguel grows Pink Bourbon among other varieties on his farm, La Belleza in the region of San Agustin. This is an incredibly sweet coffee that reminds us of brûléed sugar and sweet citrus.

About Miguel:

Miguel has spent his life working in coffee, beginning at the age of 7 helping his father cultivate on his farm. Remarkably at the age of 12 Miguel began managing his own plot of land and up until 10 years ago, he would sell his whole production at national commodity prices as wet parchment. 

Ten Years ago Miguel was one of the founding members of the Los Naranjos Association, a group that formed to create solidarity amongst fellow producers while also developing stronger commercial access for their coffee. To a degree, their efforts were successful. Miguel and his fellow producers entered into a long-standing relationship that offered fixed prices for a certain level of quality. 

Despite this relationship, this year Miguel didn't feel very comfortable and wasn't sure if the prices were guaranteed or clear, also, Miguel never has had a true understanding of where his coffee is going or if it was appreciated. He is now looking for stronger, more clear relationships.

His farm which is 3 hectares began with only 1400 Caturra trees, and now counts 2800 Caturra, 1800 Pink Bourbon, and another 6000 of a disease resistant variety called Cogollo Morado. The latter he uses to finance large portions of his crop by selling either wet or dried to large multinationals. 


We are really happy and feel very fortunate to be able to work with Miguel. From the moment we tasted a sample of his coffee we fell in love. It jumped off our cupping table with such clarity and clear fruit characters. 

We are focusing most of our Colombian buying from a group of producers in San Agustin who recently bound together to form the group Monkaaba led by producer Ensinader Ortega Gomez. Most of these producers are loosely or directly associated with the Los Naranjos Association and now wish to develop more autonomy over the coffee production as well as be involved in the marketing and sale.

Monkaaba’s goal is to assist other growers in the area to not only find a better market for their coffee, one that pays a solid price, but also to invest in the knowledge and skill of producers in a way that ensures their future success.

Processing details:

Cherries are picked at peak ripeness, then left overnight in tiled tanks. The cherries are depulped the next morning before dry fermenting in open-air tiled tanks for 36 hours. The coffee is then washed 3-5 times and left overnight before being moved directly to raised drying beds. The coffee dries for between 18 to 20 days.

Price Breakdown:
Farm Gate Price: 1,800,000 Colombian Pesos / Carga
National Farm Gate Price (December 2020): 1,168,000 Pesos / Carga 
FOB Price: 2.65 USD/LB
Our Price: 4.50 USD/LB

Orders are roasted on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday.