Costa Rica | Jairo Mora - Don Amancio

Costa Rica | Jairo Mora - Don Amancio

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We taste: Wild berries, Marzipan, Tropical fruits 

Region: San Isidro de Leon Cortes, Tarrazu
Varietal: Catuai
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Harvest: March 2022
Process: Honey

Next roast day: January 30th

This lovely honey-processed Catuai comes from Jairo Mora on his farm La union. Jairo named his wet mill Don Amancio after his grandfather who started growing coffee in the area over 80 years ago. Jairo's farm is quite small, with only 1 hectare sitting at 1800 MASL.   His real fascination is with the germination of coffee. Jairo specializes in the nursery and is proud to grow his varieties from the seed as well as provide a reliable source of young plants for neighboring farmers. He is also passionate about producing avocados which provide a great additional income for him and grow symbiotically with coffee.


About 8 years ago Jairo and his family noticed that their plants were suffering. Yields were low, trees looked sick, and the ground was infertile. Unfortunately, they were used to the producing culture made popular in the decades prior to them. Farmers were encouraged to utilize harmful chemicals in order to keep plants strong and productive, but after years of applying these practices, the fields began to deteriorate. So, about 7 years ago they decided to turn that around and pivot to a more environmentally friendly style of cultivating. 

Now, instead of chemicals they keep all of their trees healthy by hand and manage shade in order to work in tandem with their surroundings. The result is a very clean cup, with loads of fruit flavors like wild berries and polished tropical fruits along with a round and full mouthfeel

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