Decaf | Villa Daniella

Decaf | Villa Daniella

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We taste: Dried Cherry, Cane Sugar, Black Tea

Varietal: Colombia
Process: Washed, E.A.
Region: Picuma, Suaza, Huila, Colombia
Harvest: October-November 2020
Elevation: 1700 MASL

This decaffeinated coffee was produced by Edison Rodriguez on his farm Villa Daniela. His farm sits at 1700 MASL in the area of Picuma in Suaza, Huila. This lot is made up of 100% Colombia variety and was de-caffeinated using the Ethyl Acetate method, sometimes referred to as sugar cane processing as they use a gas that is the by-product of sugar cane processing which acts as a natural solvent for the caffeine. We love decafs of this method and find them to be incredibly sweet while holding onto the flavor of the coffee. This coffee is no exception!

Price Breakdown:
Farm Gate Price: 1,300,000 Colombian Pesos / Carga
National Farm Gate Price (December 2020): 1,168,000 Pesos / Carga 
FOB Price: 3.00 USD/LB
Our Price: 4.15 USD/LB

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