Ecuador | Finca Tucanes

Ecuador | Finca Tucanes

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We taste: Lemon candy, Raspberry, Elderflower 

Region: Nanegal, Pichincha  
Varietal: Mejorado 
Altitude: 1450 MASL
Harvest: June - September 2021
Process: Washed

It is a real treat to have Ecuador back on our menu! We are starting the season off strong with a beautiful Washed Mejorado produced by Jaime Ponce and Carlos Realpe on their joint venture farm, Finca Tucanes. The farm sits at 1450 MASL and is 4.5 Hectares in total, growing both Mejorado and Caturra. This particular lot is a separation of 100% Mejorado and it's a lovely example of one of our favorite varieties. The cup is quite delicate, with flavors that we usually find in washed Ethiopians. We taste lemon and soft florals of jasmine and elderflower with some bright raspberry that leans into an overall raspberry-lemonade quality. 

Jaime Ponce has been a farmer for his entire life and started working specifically with coffee in 2010.  Starting as a share-cropper without his own land, Jaime progressed and even placed in a number of local competitions. Thanks to the earnings from these competitions he was able to purchase his own farm in 2015. Interestingly he utilizes the lunar calendar as a guide for all things relating to his coffee from when to plant to fertilizing and fumigating. He found that Sunday was the best day to plant his coffee and was able to plant his very first trees on Sunday, April 17th, 2016.

In 2018, due to certain economic circumstances, Jaime had decided to put his farm up for sale. At the same time, Carlos Realpe who is originally from Narino, Colombia was looking for land to grow coffee around Quito. After some time, Carlos convinced Jaime to sell half of his farm so they could work together. Their goal continues to be to respect ancestral agricultural customs, respect the environment, and always look for ways to optimize their approach in both harvesting and post-harvest processing in order to produce the highest quality coffee.

Price Breakdown:

Farm Gate Price: $5.05/LB
FOB Price: $5.47/LB
Our Price: $6.60/LB

We roast to order every Tuesday and ship on Wednesday.