Ethiopia | Buku Sayisa

Ethiopia | Buku Sayisa

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We Taste: Peach tea, Raspberry, Florals

Region: Guji, Hambela Wamena
Varietal: Local Landrace
Altitude: 2000-2350 masl
Harvest: November-January 2022
Process: Washed

Next roast day: October 3rd

Buku Sayisa is a washing station owned by Isayas Beriso, near the town of Buku in the Hambela Wamena/Dimtu region of Guji. Buku Sayisa is a single estate coffee farm, Isayas has about 12 hectares of land where he is growing coffee while he also purchases some cherry from local farmers within a small radius of his farm. This particular lot, Lot #3 is made up of roughly 10-15% cherries from local farmers while the remainder is grown on Isayas' farm. 

We love this coffee and find it to be very vibrant and fruit-forward while also being sparkling clean. The extreme elevations that this coffee is grown along with meticulous processing leave us with a cup of amazing quality and complexity.

We have a soft spot for coffee from Guji, and this one is a great example of why they are some of our favorites.


Price Breakdown:
Farm Gate Price: 57 Birr/kg of cherry
FOB Price: $3.98 USD/LB
Our Price: 5.25 USD/LB