Ethiopia | Lecho Torka

Ethiopia | Lecho Torka

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We Taste: Watermelon, Baked Peach, Mandarin

Region: Uraga, Guji
Varietal: Local Landrace
Altitude: 1980-2230 masl
Harvest: November-January 2021
Process: Washed

We are happy to release our second washed Ethiopian of the year! This coffee is very complex, with layered fruit flavors that remind us of ripe melon, mandarin juice and baked peach pie. It's super sweet and soft, exactly what we look for in washed Ethiopian coffees!

Lecho Torka, also sometimes spelled Larcho Torka is a washing station owned and operated by Abdi Jebril in the forested area of Uraga. Named after the nearby village as well as the surrounding forest of the same name here some of the best coffees in all of Ethiopia can be found. The Jebril brothers have become quite famous in the area, and rightfully so. Every year coffees coming from their sites are amongst our favorites. This one is particularly special to us as it was our first release when we first launched ILSE in 2019. We loved it then and probably love it even more now!

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