Guatemala | Carmen & Antoinetta Donis

Guatemala | Carmen & Antoinetta Donis

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We Taste: Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut, Clove

Region: Mataquescuintla
Varietal: Pache San Ramon
Altitude: 1900 MASL
Harvest: April 2021
Process: Washed

We have been buying coffee from Carmen Donis for the last three years and we are honored to continue to support her and the entire Cafe Colis Resistencia producer group. This year, Carmen and her sister Antoinetta decided to combine their coffees, both growing Pache at neighboring farms in Mataquescuintla, Guatemala. In doing so they were able to increase their production and the quality is the best we have seen yet. This is a very comforting coffee that reminds us of a rich hot chocolate, walnut butter, and flavors of spices like clove and cardamom. 

The story behind this coffee is quite remarkable. We first heard of the region Mataquescuintla after seeing a post in 2018 from Canadian roasting company, Bows. In it, they brought to our attention a situation in Guatemala where indigenous people's land has been in danger by a Canadian-owned mining company that has been pursuing a mining operation just miles away. There is a lot more to the story that I won't go into here (we've attached an article explaining more below), but we were struck by it and the fact that Bows and a few other roasters were trying to buy as much coffee from them as possible in order to support this group of producers who had little-to-no voice and no market access to sell their coffee. This was all happening when we first started ILSE and we committed to buying 4 bags from Carmen Donis without ever tasting it (something we never do). Being so new and so small it was a pretty big risk, but it was also important to us to support Carmen. Until then, she had never sold her coffee under her name, and being the first roaster to sell a bag of her coffee was a really special thing. Every year we see progress in her coffee and this year is no exception. We find this harvest to be the cleanest her coffee has ever tasted and we are so happy to share it.

Here is a link to the article that made us interested in this region.

Price Breakdown:
Farm Gate Price: 1500 Quetzal / Quintal of Parchment
FOB Price: 2.90 USD/LB
Our Price: 4.25 USD/LB