Peru | Sarela Colunche

Peru | Sarela Colunche

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We taste: White Peach, Nougat, Baked Apple

Region: Luya, Amazonas
Varietal: Caturra & Typica
Altitude: 1850 MASL
Harvest: August-September 2020 
Process: Washed

Our second release from Peru comes from high up in the Luya district of Amazonas, a densely forested region home to some remarkable coffees. Here the Ocumal Cooperative is home to 150 members, one being Sarela. The Ocumal cooperative was formed in 2016 with the goal of working organizationally to improve quality and access financially sustainable markets to help the community thrive. 

This lot from Sarela is a mix of Caturra and Typica and is certified organic at farm level. We love this coffee. It's a beautiful representation of the quality coming from Peru. This coffee is totally approachable, which I think is sometimes thrown around when a coffee is boring. This is not a boring coffee. Its complex, sweet, and has a nice acidity that is perfectly balanced within the cup. At first in the dry fragrance, the coffee comes across as chocolate and caramel focused. But once you add water and start tasting it truly opens up. We get flavors of white peach, milk chocolate covered apricots, delicate white tea, nougat, and a slight baked apple thing. It's seriously delicious and is a complete cup we would be happy to sip on any day.

Sarela was born on May 20th, 1950 in the Luya province. Like many others in the area, she inherited her family's farm passed down through generations. She is extremely motivated in producing high-quality coffee. On her 2 hectare farm, La Laguna, she uses ancestral coffee sowing and pruning techniques that involve the phases of the moon. The coffee undergoes a 14 hour dry fermentation and is dried on raised beds for 8 days. 

On this coffee, we were unable to get the exact farmgate price Sarela received. We try to only buy coffees where this information is available but sometimes getting it isn't as simple as we wish it were. We are seeing a shift in the industry where price is discussed more openly and we are hoping more people continue asking questions and talking about it so that these numbers are more commonplace and understood. 


Price Breakdown:
Farm Gate Price: Unknown
FOB Price: $2.40/LB
Our Price: $3.95/LB

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