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Honduras | Antonio Ramirez

Honduras | Antonio Ramirez

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This is a really special coffee for us! Antonio is rather new to the specialty scene, this is his second year selling coffee in the specialty market. In the past and unfortunately somewhat still, Antonio has been selling his coffee to "coyotes" (buyers who travel through the hills acquiring coffee in cherries and then process and prepare it themselves for export) for incredibly low prices; as low as 50 cents per pound. We bought this coffee for $4.80 per pound and out of that $2.46 went directly to Antonio. (The commodity price at time of purchase being $1.08) This is a huge increase and we hope to do even better next year!

Antonio grows the typica variety beautifully on his farm Las Lajas in the town of Selguapa which sits by a natural reserve on the peak of a mountain in the Comayagua province. His coffee has a pleasing acidity and reminds us of pomegranate and dark chocolate.


Region: Selguapa, Comayagua, Honduras 
Varietal: Typica
Altitude: 1800 MASL
Harvest: April 2019
Process: Washed


We Taste: Pomegranate, Papaya, Dark Chocolate