Ethiopia | Uraga

Ethiopia | Uraga

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We are really excited to welcome Uraga to our offering list. Since cupping the pre-ship samples a few months back we have been eagerly awaiting for this coffee to land at the roastery, and it isn't disappointing at all.


Region: Uraga, Guji 
Varietal: Heirloom
Altitude: 2400 masl
Harvest: October - January 2019
Process: Washed
12oz of whole bean coffee 

We Taste: Elderflower, Cooked Peaches, Lemon 

Uraga refers to both a region in Ethiopia as well as a specific washing station. The Uraga washing station is run by Israel Degfa located in the Sonkolle Village in Guji. The washing station is located at 2000 MASL and the farms are located even higher at 2400 MASL! This coffee came to us through Nordic Approach and is part of their premium program in Ethiopia. The farmers that bring cherry to the station are immediately paid a small premium for higher quality cherries and most farmers are signed up to receive a second payment once the coffee is sold.

Over 1000 smallholders bring cherries to the Uraga Washing station with an average farm size of 2-3 Hectares. The cherries are sorted prior to delivery and then they are pulped with a traditional disc pulper, then the parchment is graded based on density. The parchment undergoes a 36-72 hour fermentation, is washed in channels and once again graded in water by density. Lower quality will float to the surface and get removed leaving only the denser, higher quality beans. The parchment is then soaked in tanks in clean water for 6-12 hours before being moved to drying tables where they are dried on raised beds for 12-15 days

Orders are roasted on Tuesday and shipped on Wednesday