Ethiopia | Hamasho

Ethiopia | Hamasho

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We Taste: Yuzu, Limeade, Jasmine

Region: Bensa, Sidama
Varietal: Local Landrace
Altitude: 2300 masl
Harvest: January 2021
Process: Washed

About 1500 producers living at staggering elevations of 2300+ MASL in the Bombe mountains deliver their ripe cherries to the Hamasho station in Bensa, Sidama. We are really excited to explore these new and untapped regions and have been finding some of our favorite coffees from this area.

Hamasho is run by our exporting partners, Daye Bensa who have been producing incredible coffee at their numerous different washing stations in the area, notably: Shantawene, Keramo, and Bombe. In the cup, we find a very clean and clear profile of lemon and limeade. We get delicate florals of jasmine and a hint of fresh melon.

Price Breakdown:
Farm Gate Price: 30 Birr/KG of Cherry
FOB Price:  $3.60/LB
Our Price: $4.80 LB

We roast to order every Tuesday and ship same day.