Ethiopia | Nano Genji

Ethiopia | Nano Genji

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We Taste: Apricot, White flowers, Raspberry lemonade

Region: Agaro, Jimma
Varietal: Local Landrace
Altitude: 1900-2200 masl
Harvest: November-January 2022
Process: Washed

Next roast day: October 3rd

Our first washed Ethiopian coffee of the season has arrived! It's always our favorite time of year when fresh Ethiopia arrives and we are really happy to start it off with this familiar coffee from Agaro. 

We buy coffee from the Nano Genji or Nano Challa washing station every year and for good reason. They produce some of the best coffees in Agaro and Ethiopia as a whole.

This year the coffee is tasting really expressive and exceedingly clean as usual. We taste classic flavors of stone fruit, reminding us of peach and apricot pastry, and white tea, along with complex flavors of passionfruit and raspberry. It's a sweet and delicate coffee that we really love, it's also certified organic which is cool too!

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