Ethiopia | Suke

Ethiopia | Suke

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We are excited to release our second Ethiopian coffee of the season! Suke is bursting with bright sparkling flavors of peach syrup and refreshing watermelon with floral notes of jasmine and basil. Coffees from the Uraga region of Guji, year after year, consistently prove to be some of our favorite coffees coming from Ethiopia.

This coffee is a wonderful representation of what we love about coffees coming from Uraga. Layered with complexity and sparkling acidity. We are thrilled to be working with and offering this coffee for the coming months. 

Suke refers to the hamlet, Suke Werkata, where the smallholders who deliver their cherries to the Raro Boda washing station are growing their coffee in either semi-forest or garden conditions. The coffee is separated by variety which in Ethiopia is less common to see. For the most part with Ethiopian coffee you will see “heirloom” or “Ethiopian Landrace” as the variety.  This lot is 100% Wolisho. Sourcing traceable coffees in Ethiopia has historically been a challenge, but recent changes to the way coffee can be sold has enabled companies like SNAP and others to increase traceability and transparency This is our first year getting coffee from SNAP exporters and we are really impressed with the commitment to quality and traceability. 

Region: Uraga, Guji

Varietal: Wolisho

Altitude: 1900-2150 masl

Harvest: October-January 2020

Process: Washed


We Taste: Peach syrup, Watermelon, Basil