Kate Kilmurray | Flax Potholder

Kate Kilmurray | Flax Potholder

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Kate Kilmurray Handwoven Potholder in Flax

Product Details:
6" x 6" 
100% Cotton
All materials made in the U.S.

"Inspired by the simple nostalgia of weaving on a metal loom, these contemporary hand weavings are a durable and stylish addition to any home and kitchen. They are a wonderful choice for a simple housewarming gift or for any occasion. Each is woven with love and mindful care in Ojai, California."

Words from Kate Kilmurray about her process:
"I practice weaving as a form of embodied meditation. Making beautiful handwoven textiles helps me to tap into my inner stillness and creativity; and I teach women to do the same—to slow down, engage the rhythms of the body, and tap into a state of wholeness and flow."