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Frequently Asked Questions

We roast to order on Sundays and Mondays with orders being shipped out Mondays and Tuesdays. Orders must be received by 11:59pm ET Sundays in order to be prepared and shipped the following Monday or Tuesday. Orders received after that deadline will be shipped the following week.

Yes! Please reach out to

Please reach out to to discuss and resolve any issues with lost or damaged orders. For damaged goods, please hold on to the item(s) and packaging it arrived in.

Our approach to roasting is ingredient-driven and low-intervention. As there is no standardized way to distinguish roast level, we do not do so. Instead, we are more interested in the inherent flavor of each coffee and communicate this through tasting notes. Our approach in roasting is to fully develop the coffee without imparting any roast flavors. 

We recommend resting your coffee for a minimum of 2 weeks after the roast date on the bag. For peak flavor and experience we recommend brewing your coffee between 3-5 weeks after the roast date.

While a majority of the coffees we source are produced following organic standards, the barrier to entry for becoming organic certified prevents many of our producing partners from receiving the “certified” title.

While Fair Trade is a widely recognized certification to encourage more equitable trading practices, we feel this certification does not go nearly far enough to ensure a sustainable future for coffee producers. Therefore, we work with select importers or directly with producers in order to establish a transparent relationship and way of doing business.

Absolutely, we include as much pricing information that is available for each coffee, both on our coffee boxes and on our website. We feel it is important to share this information whenever possible to pass this knowledge onto you, the consumer, and to normalize the sharing of this information for the betterment of the entire supply chain.

Some of the terms used and their meanings include:

  • Farm Gate: how much the producer is paid (typically listed in local currency and units of measurement)
  • FOB (Free on Board): how much the exporter is paid
  • Our Price: how much we paid the importer to receive the coffee (this does not include shipment or our cost of production)

Yes, once logged into your account you may make changes to your subscription.

For our subscriptions, we select exciting coffees from our lineup, exclusive previews of upcoming releases, or limited edition subscriber-only coffees. Unfortunately, you are not able to select the specific coffees. But we’re confident you’ll enjoy each new selection of coffees!

Yes, you can skip as well as pause and cancel your subscription in the customer portal. However, if you need help please reach out to

Subscription orders placed up to 14 days prior to the 5th day of the following month will be fulfilled as a part of the following month’s subscription period.