Our Coffee

Ingredient Driven

We understand that our coffee can only be as good as the starting raw ingredient. With that said our main focus is to find beautiful coffees and then try not to mess them up. The hard work is done by the producers at origin and its up to us to bring out the beauty of what they produced.

We look for coffees that excite us. Ones that are clean, sweet, and complex. We prize acidity and flavor clarity and always have a selection of some of the best coffees from each harvest.


Our approach to roasting is really quite simple. We want to develop our coffees to bring out what's there. Our coffees are full of nuanced flavors and complex acidity that we want to showcase. Our goal is to highlight the producers and celebrate them from their work. We never want to leave our mark on a coffee. When you are working with high quality coffee roasting becomes a lot simpler.

We happily roast on a 15 Kilo Loring, which we find to do a remarkable job assisting us in developing our coffees the way we like it.