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Our Coffee

At ilse, we believe in the power of connections—to the people, places, and stories behind every cup of coffee we serve. Our philosophy is simple: quality isn't just about scores; it's about relationships. We forge long-term partnerships with smallholder producers, investing in mutual growth and supporting the journey into specialty coffee. This commitment extends to our sourcing practices, where we seek to create a more inclusive and sustainable industry that benefits everyone involved.

Primary Line

Our main focus in sourcing, comprising primarily single-producer microlots from around the globe. These coffees represent the heart of our commitment to quality, seasonality and relationships.

Select Line

Featuring the world's rarest and highest quality coffees, meticulously sourced from celebrated producers.

Commitment Line

A testament to our dedication to sustainable sourcing practices, offering larger volume lots from our growing partners' farms while still paying a premium above market price. It's about more than just quality; it's about holistic and committed support for our partners. Coming soon!